Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Ink Masterz Scrapkit

CT Tag 4 Crystal 
Creative Scraps by Crys
**This Tutorial was written By Me On May 26, 2015
*This tutorial is my creation only*
Any resemblance to other tutorials is not intended 
Use my tutorial as a guide to make your tag your own 
This Tutorial is intended for those that have a
 working knowledge of PhotoShop Elements 7
Awesome kit "Ink Masterz"
by Creative Scraps by Crys
Tube of choice.  I chose the beautiful tube
"Kiss my Emo" by ©Redfill
*Let's Get Started*
Open a new transparent blank Canvas 550x550 pxl
Copy/paste Frame 1 so its center of the tag.
add drop shadow.
Copy paste your tube inside frame 1 
add drop shadow
using the following elements copy/paste them on & round the frame 1 
with paper13 copy/paste to the back of the frame removing and over 
hang of the paper the paper should site inside the frame 
with E 43 copy/paste the first one at the top of the frame and
 send to the back then duplicate move to the bottom this time 
remembering to position it at the back of frame 1.. 
add drop shadow to both
with E38 copy/paste on top of the frame 1 and position it on the 
right side of the frame them duplicate the layer move to the oposite 
side of the frame & click > image > rotate > horizontal... 
add drop shadow to both elements
with E41 copy/paste
 to the top of the frame one one at each side at the top. 
add drop shadow
now using the following elements
position them all round the frame one till your
 happy with how they look and then after you have 
made sure the sizes and position is 
ok add drop shadow to each element.
Add your © and any names you would like on your tag.
Thank you for checking out my tutorial
if you have any problems please message me 
 photo CBN_Template12.png